Here in Paranaque, we prioritize the safety of our people.No matter what, we would stay together as a city since all of us will not be here without each other.
This Website is made out of information on what to do and what to prepare when emergency calamities occur like, Earthquakes and Typhoons. We Paranaquenos would want to serve fresh and reliable information since an Emergency Calamity is a serious problem.

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As of we know, Paranaque is normally experiencing Calamities but we don't really know how much it would affect us.This is why we must prepare even if no emergency calamity is happening, so that we can ensure our safety.Down here are the lists of what to bring,where to go,and what to do.The List indicates where most of the items is needed during that specific calamity.

Food Bags(Earthquake and Typhoon Essential)
-Canned Goods
-Instant Noodles and Coffee.
Note:It is advisable to bring the amount of food that would last more than 3 days.

First Aid Kit(Typhoon and Earthquake Essential)
-Sterile Gauze & Gloves
-Safety Pins
-Non Prescription Drugs/Medicine

Communication Tools
-Battery Operated Radio(Better if it is waterproof)

Personal Supplies(Typhoon and Earthquake Essential)
-Clothes(Good for 3 days)
-Sleeping Bag.

Emergency Hotlines:
-OSPITAL NG PARANAQUE = 8825-4902 to 04/8826-4060/8826 3034
-POLICE HEADQUARTERS = 8826-8182/8826-8121
Note:Only contact the hotlines if ever you are in danger.

Evacuation Plan

evacuation plan

It is advised that if ever a Pregnant Woman,PWD,Elderly, and Children are attempting to go out in the establishment,they must pass first rather than other people.This is for a fact that they can't run as fast as normal people that is why it is important to give way.
Evacuation is only advised if the water level is about the size of a hip of a normal sized person(typhoon), a part of your house is cracking(earthquake), and if you slowly feel unsafe.

-Informing the public about the evacuation can be through text or through speech.The people who are part of Paranaque City's Disaster and Risk Program are in charge of messaging citizens through text about the said evacuation.
-Informing through speech is when the other part of the Paranaque City's Disaster and Risk Program will go to the affected places and will speak through a megaphone to inform the neighborhood about the evacuation and how they would start.


-The City hall will report the emergency to The Search and Rescue Team who would be the first responders,as they are the ones that will rescue the people who are affected by the typhoon.Then they will pass the people to the 2nd responders which would be the Medical Team as they would check if there is something wrong with the people who are rescued from the typhoon.The Medical Team will be called when; a report occurs about a drowning person and an injured person happens.

-PHIVOLCS will report it to the city Mayor and he will acquire the Search and Rescue team to roam around in the city to check.Then they will call the Paranaque Medical Team if ever they needed help from an ambulance because of an injured citizen. The Search and Rescue Team would report to the Medical Team if these occur; Injured Citizen, A citizen who is stuck and needs help.

Damage Assessment
-Damage Assessment is very important.Checking for cracks and minor defects would help you improve your home and make it as sturdy as possible.

For the meantime, The City would let the affected citizens stay at these schools for shelter; Olivarez College, Paranaque National High School, and La Huerta Elementary School. It is chosen by the Government and the SK because these schools are wide to be safe from the Pandemic and they are in different parts of the city which can be helpful so that the Rescue Team will not transfer them to the farther part of the city for shelter.

Clean Up

-People who were not affected by the typhoon and flooding can help by cleaning the garbage floating around and also the ones stuck on the sewages so that there would only be a minimum blockage on the sewages of the city and also would help make the work quicker.The PCDRRMO would help and also the SK since it is the least we can do at the time for the people who were affected by the Flooding.

-People who were not affected by the earthquake can volunteer to clean up the remains of Earthquakes like broken cements from houses and the mess that needs cleaning. The city will also hire companies who have pickup trucks that would help pick up big parts of houses that are broken.The PCDRRMO would help and also the SK since it is the least we can do at the time for the people who were affected by the Earthquake/Typhoon.


We cover 2 things for the solution.First,is the recovery for the community and the Second will be about the future programs that would be built for safety.

Government Support
Here are the ways to know if you would be given the support from the government or not.
1.If ever your house broke down because of the storm.Make sure to contact the government if they have something to help you financially.
2.If your house has several broken pieces to it,do not ask for financial support because other people need it more.Fix it and make it earthquake/typhoon proof so that you will feel safe in your own home.
3.The SK would forward messages to evacuees about the possible plans for recovery like seeking for government assistance if needed.
4.The people who are affected by the Typhoon or Earthquakes can inquire about their financial needs in the City Hall of Paranaque for easier distribution of financial and humanitarian assistance.

Solution Programs
This is when we will establish,build,announce, and plan things for the future so that we will increase the percentage of safety in our city.
1.Sewage Systems are advised in our city as we have only few sewages in the city which results in flooding during heavy rains.
2.We also acknowledge and advise builders in the city to make the building Earthquake Resistant as Buildings are the most unsafe things in the city during the earthquakes.
3.Implement the Monthly Reminders about what to do if typhoons and earthquakes like before would happen again.(Same Emergency Plan).

earthquake resistance

This is the end of our Emergency plan.I hope that you visit this website one more time to refresh your memories on what to do if there is an emergency.Thank you and Have a Great Day Ahead.